Hao Wu

Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies (AAIS), Peking University
No.5 YiHeYuan Road, Haidian District Beijing, 100871


2020.6 - present     Doctor candidate. Genome Editing, Tumor Immunolpgy, Cancer                    Analysis and Bioinformatics, Peking University. China

2017.9 - 2020.6      Master. Biophysics, Tianjin University. China

2013.9 - 2017.6       Bachelor. Biological Engineering, Hebei University of Technology.                    China.





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   2019.12 - present

   Peking University

   Chengqi Yi (PI)

  Research on editing efficiency and off-target effects of genome editing is performing, learning basic chemical biology and molecular biology knowledge, and understanding the data and analysis methods of epigenome and epitranscriptomics.

   Role: Doctor candidate

   2019.10 - 2020.6

   Tianjin University

   Cooperator: He Huang (PI)

   Explore key genes or proteins related to pancreatic cancer metastasis by integrating multi-omics methods. I was responsible for all bioinformatics analyses and partial wet experiment verification work, through the integration of multiple omics (genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome), and correlated networks analyses between different methods, revealing the key factors related to metastasis. The genome level explored the mutation map and synonymous mutations in the exon region that affect metastasis, the transcriptome level studied the composition of the difference between the metastasis and the primary tumor, and the proteome and metabolome level quantified the differential proteins and metabolites between samples. Finally performed integratiation analysis to reduce target genes and proteins, by screening known experiments and literature, key factors, and verifying regulatory functions through mouse models. (Ongoing)

   Role: Graduate Research, Bioinformatics Analysis.

   2017.12 - 2020.4

   Tianjin University

   Cooperator: Zexiong Xie

   Synthetic biology project: Explore the influence of different sequencing depths of synthetic yeast on development through bedtools. After quality control comparison, GATK was used to detect the rearrangement and recombination phenomena between the chromosomes and the chromosomes of synthetic synV and wild-type V chromosomes carrying loxP sites. In polyploid yeast, the analysis of the differential genes obtained from the transcriptome revealed the copy number variation accompanying polyploid development. (Compeleted)

   Role: Graduate Research, Bioinformatics Analysis.

   2017.9 - 2018.4

   Tianjin University

   Feng Gao (PI)

   On the basis of the Z-curve theory proposed by Academician Zhang Chunting of the research group, the geometric structure of the genome is explored, and the replication origin, protein and non-protein encoding genes, genome islands, and CpG islands on the genome are identified in three-dimensional or high- dimensional space. I participated in the integration of some functions of the GC-profile statistical tool for genome GC content distribution and used Python scripts to write localization tools, also participate in the optimization of the GC-profile front-end and improve the largest essential gene database (DEG database)(Compeleted)

   Role: Graduate Research